Saturday, May 20, 2017

This Is Starting To Look Like A Theme...

The only picture I took of the booth today was just this picture of Baaxter staring longingly at the West Sixth Brewing Company truck :-o.  I'm not sure if he was more interested in the cold beer or the fact that it looked like a hijack-able truck that would hold everyone to get them out of there...haha...sort of...

It was supposed to start raining at 10:00 a.m., but it never did.  The sun blazed and the mercury rose and wearing wool was the last thing on anyone's mind.  Sales were pretty good though and several nice fleeces found new homes.  My favorite fleece is still there surprisingly and a few others I really like, too.  Maybe I didn't have them displayed well?

The forecast for tomorrow is not great.  The forecast for tonight is awful - storms.  We decided to bring everyone home for the night and I think that was a good call considering the first round that just blew through.  Whether we are able to talk anyone into getting back into the trailer in the morning remains to be seen ;-).  We are going to watch the weather and decide in the morning.  

In anticipation of a slower day tomorrow, Miss B and I are bringing our spinning wheels.  Two other spinners are going to join us and I'm looking forward to that.  SO, either I'll get some fun spinning done, or, by anticipating a light day, I'll end up with lots of customers.  Either is a win :-).  

Bring your wheel, spindle, knitting, stitching...and join us!  There is a ton of good shopping throughout the festival and it's mostly all under cover.  Bill and Gavin are shearing under a big tent and could use some heckling ;-).  There is also a waffle truck!  How did I miss that this morning??? 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Fleece Fun

Anyone who's been around lambs and ewes in the springtime knows that frantic "I CAN'T FIND MY MOM!!!" cry.  It's nothing serious usually.  Kids get playing, moms go hide to smoke cigarettes and drink gin, kids can't IMMEDIATELY find them and the frantic crying starts.  

That's what's going on in my kitchen right now.  Except I'm just trying to use the computer...and only thinking about taking up drinking at 7:00 in the morning :-o.  So really quickly...

Someone emailed me about wanting Baaxter's fleece.  I have 1,168 emails built up in my inbox right now.  I did not know that was even possible (as she really starts thinking about maybe some Baileys for her coffee :-o).  I can't find that email.  Hopefully you'll see this and re-email.  I am so sorry!

Here are some quick shots (I'M RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, BISCUIT!) of just a few of the fleeces we'll have at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival this weekend.  The forecast is looking "stellar" as usual :-/.  Sigh...  Pretty much everything is under cover though, so come on out!


Daniel on the left and Tavia on the right.  Daniel is reserved and I'm keeping Tavia, but I thought the difference in fleece size was fun.



Woody - half is reserved

And don't forget all the cute fleece tags!  Remember why Burrnie is now Blindfold Burrnie? You'll be in on the joke if/when Bill pulls that this weekend ;-).  He'll be there shearing both days.  Please stop by the shearing area and give him a shout out and say thanks for taking such good care of our sheep.   

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wool Work...

" boring."

"So boring."

"If you'd quit taking pictures of me, you'd get done quicker!"

The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival is this weekend!  I'm about as ready as I'm going to get.  I have a couple more things I'd really like to get done, but the fleeces are all skirted and weighed and the spindle kits are assembled and packed.  I've got some Punkin's Patch "swag" packed and, of course, Biscuit.  A few others will be coming as well, to work the Hug a Sheep pen.

I think we are going to bring the bottle lamb brigade - Biscuit, Bullwinkle, Liddy, Baaxter.  Or maybe Andy and Levi.  Andy's fleece is so pretty and Levi is a gorgeous color.  Not Maisie, for sure, although she has been on her best behavior lately.  You'll have to come see who ends up being dumb enough to get caught Saturday morning making the cut ;-).

Thanks for all the kind words about Keebler.  He was so loved by so many.  I remember taking him to the very first Lexington festival.  Kathy Meyer (who started the festival and where Keebler came from as a triplet lamb years ago) couldn't believe the number of people who would walk past the sheep pen, look over to see Keebs and call him by name.  He was that sort of sheep.

Sadly, if you start doing the math, there are a lot of old sheep in our flock.  We will treasure and enjoy everyone as long as we can.  Someone I'm especially enjoying right now is Jester.  If you haven't been following the Biscuit thread on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, you really should.  All I can say is Jester better live forever.  And it this point it looks like he might!

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Come see us this weekend!  Buy wool!  Lots. Of. Wool. :-o

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fast Photo

Oh good grief, Biscut!  You are three weeks old today.  You can sit in the kitchen by yourself for a couple minutes.  :-o

I've got some pretty fleece pictures, some cute Biscuit pictures, Kate pictures...and while I *thought* I could handle him screaming in the kitchen...I apparently cannot :-o.  

Love the look on the planter's face.  Gotta go.  Baaaa :-o

Monday, May 15, 2017


This is the internet's favorite picture of Keebler.  It shows up everywhere.

But this is my favorite picture of Keebler.  This is the picture my mind calls up when I search for a image of Keebler even though there were so many other good ones.  He grew from an adorable lamb into a handsome photogenic sheep.  This always remained my favorite.  

When the vet came on Saturday, I held his head in the crook of my arm like that and once again this picture came to mind.  Or maybe my heart.  I love all of our sheep, but some...  There is another big hole in the flock.

I'd like to say that Keebler would want to tell everyone to get up and take a walk every day. Stay active so your legs hold up longer.  But he wouldn't.  He'd say "Meh. Enjoy life sitting in the shade in front of a fan or in the warm sun in the winter."  

I don't know what's the right answer.  But getting up and taking a walk every day probably wouldn't hurt anyone.


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