Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

And It's Back

We got several inches of snow again last night which reminded me that I'd forgotten to share some cute Tilly pictures I'd taken for the "camping" post during the Iknitarod.

I'd taken a whole series of pictures of Tilly digging a snow bed...

...but a corgi digging in deep (for a corgi ;-) snow...the pictures all look pretty much the same ;-).

And then, when she lays's kind of hard to tell that she actually has ;-D.

But it's pretty hard to top a corgi with a snow ball on her nose ;-).

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


To "celebrate" the spring equinox today, I'm not going to rehash the previous laundry lists of reasons why I hate spring.  I'm going to share a new one!  

I always end up with one crazed robin who spends much of the early spring "fighting" with his reflection in my car mirrors and windows.  I'll spare you the picture of what my car looks like with this going on.  

Happy Spring ;-).

This better not be one of the babies from The Great Robin Rescue last summer!

Monday, March 19, 2018

How About A Farm Pond And A Chicken?

When Kate Davies released her Carbeth sweater pattern a couple months ago, she posted it to her blog with pictures taken posed alongside a snowy loch...complete with a swan gliding past.  When Mason-Dixon Knitting posted the Bang Out A Carbeth Knitalong, they specifically commented on the swan as well.  It really was a stunning picture!

As Carbeth sweaters were banged out around the world and pictures started appearing on Instagram, they soon became known as the Carbeth Swan Dance.  Well, I don't have a frozen loch...or a swan...but I do have a cool sheep (who also happened to provide the yarn for my Carbeth), a farm pond...and an Adventure Chicken.  Let's do it!

Baaxter walked out there pretty darn willingly considering it had been at least two years, maybe three, since he'd had a collar and lead on.  This is the Frog Pond, not the Ice Skating Pond.  It's the small pond/group of trees/native plants you see in front of the bigger pond at the back of the farm.

Tim took a bunch of pictures in various locations and positions and... most pictures of me, the less of me showing, the better ;-).

These are my favorites, even though they don't really show much of the sweater.

"You're doing a good job, Baaxter.  And your sweater is very nice.  Cozy and comfy."

While the sweater was designed to be a stylish crop top, since mostly where I wear my sweaters is to work out in the barn in the winter, I decided to add a few extra inches to the body length.  

Can you believe this is that cute little brat who terrorized 20 and Auntie Reg (yikes!) four years ago?  You can still juuuust barely see his white X.

I'm not sure if B. Willard is noticing the new hand knit sweater (being a Sheep of Impeccable Character, this would not be...out of character) or is just amazed that I was wearing something relatively clean for a change ;-).

"Yep, that's not a swan."

Nope, that's the Sheep Chicken.  She was ready to go to bed so she was easy to catch ;-).

I give the Carbeth two thumbs up.  I think it's going to be perfect warm winter barn sweater.  The Bang Out A Carbeth knitalong was great fun and the Iknitarod (the re-knit) continues to be my all time favorite winter event.  As always, I was in great company and that makes it all worth it.


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